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This site is dedicated to all practitioners of the martial arts who are looking for a single place where they can find resources and camaraderie in their journey along a most challenging but rewarding path.


Some starting points…

I sometimes get asked questions by friends or other people who know that I’ve done martial arts for many years.  Usually the questions relate to what the best art is, what they should do or how they can get started and the like.  I’ve decided to put together some of the answers I usually give into a single narrative.  The following is information that I’d recommend to anyone interested in the martial arts become familiar with before embarking on it.

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“the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step…”

I read somewhere once that the practice of martial arts is like climbing a mountain.  It takes, sustained, focused effort, and it’s hard as you go up.  And when you get to the peak and take in the amazing vista, you discovered there’s another peak to climb, and more hard climbing to do.  But the wonder of it all is, that as you climb, you get to see some really cool stuff – and hopefully, if you’re paying attention along the way, the joy of the climb alone and the things you discover along the way that’ll make it all worthwhile.

Well, this site is about that climb.  I’m not a particularly good climber, but I try to pay attention to where I’m going and I’ll try to share my discoveries with you.  Consider this a travelogue of the martial arts world, and you’re all my fellow travel buddies.

— Kieun

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